5G-ULTRA (1-6KW)

  • Easy to replace (SPD/MCB etc)
  • Inbuilt ACDB/DCDB with Type -2 SPD’s, AC MCB, DC switch & direct output AC Cable.
  • 5G-Ultra Model with 3-Level -IGBT Technology with maximum efficiency 98.9%.
  • Wide Output voltage Bandwidth: 130 – 295VAC with Ultra Low voltage starts up: 70V.
  • Extra circuit for DB to monitor remotely with LED alarm indicators.

  • Ultra-low-voltage starts up 70VDC (MPPT range) with low light adaptation-help after 4 to 5 years of operation Fastest Anti Islanding response time <0.9ms helps in protecting human interference at the site.
  • 98.9% conversion efficiency by using 3-Level bridge DSV-PWM technology with <3% THD-Less grid pollution Highest safety standards by using Robust IP65 Class, AC/DC EMI, n type, and RFI filters with protections like
  •  GDI, ELCB, RCCB, OV/UV/OL/Short Circuit protection & Wide Output voltage Bandwidth: 130 – 295VAC