• Zero defect service free product with standard 8 Year warranty
  • Robust Technology with new Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting with IP 65
  • Ultra-Light, Easy to install and monitor all the parameters.
  • Extra high DC overloadingfeature upto  40%
  • MES + FCT + CRM infrastructure
  • All PCB’s are tested with ICT& FCT testing facility for 100% fail proof
  • New 3rd GenerationTexas DSP:  Dual Core 2x CPU + 2x CLA for fast sampling
  • Optimized Natural cooling with SNHMtechnique
  • Full Integrated All in 1 PCBA + Conformal coatingfor long life and Less wires with Easy maintenance & high reliability
  • Very high spike, surge protecting, capacity, EMI/RFI reduction.
  • Smart Algorithm control: Maximizes generation due to multiple & wider MPPT design.